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Education & Training
 Flute Acoustics Tip
 WFG - Fl & Picc Fingering ChartTip
 Michael Pestel(us-pa)
 Ellen Kaner(us-nc)
 Helen Spielman(us-nc)
 Northern California Flute Camp(us-nc)
 Performance Anxiety Counseling(us-nc)
 Shanna Gutiérrez(us-il)
 Laural Zucker Masterclass(us)
 Univ of Nebraska/Omaha Flute Studio(us)
 Oxford Flute Summer School (uk)
 Scottish International Summer School(uk)
 Studio E(nl)
 The Jazz Flute(jazz method)
 AEC(eu - Educational network)
 O'Neill Flute Studio(ca)
 Teoría(Music Theory software)
 Landell Flutes Training(Flute repair)
 EarMaster Pro(Ear Training software)
 Breath Builder(Book)
 Baroque flute teachers directory
 Flute Physics
 FluteInfo.com: Fingering Charts
 International Summer Courses
 Materials and sound of the flute
 Music Dictionary
 Music Terms Translator
 Right hand finger position corrector
 The Flute Shed
 The Virtual Boehm Flute
 Thumpy flute
 Van Cott Information Services
 Woodwind Fundamentals
 Alexander Technique for Musicians
 Flute Lessons
 Flute Lessons with Fiep
 Instructional Videos of Marcel Moyse
 Instructor Locator
 Jonathan Snowden International Flute School
 Metronome Online
 PrivateLessons - Find a Teacher
 University of Michigan Flute Studio

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